Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HTC Sense 2.1(BETA 4)

(DEV)(WIP)(PORT) HTC Sense 2.1(BETA 4)

Well ive being bussy with porting sense 2.1 from the lg optimus

What works
can do a lot of stuff

Not working:
Automatic time update
No Light(Softkeys)

As i know that there are many people who want real sense for galaxy ace
Well this is now possible

I am busy with this since nims11 said i needed to port sense from lg optimus

Hope you can help with further development of Real Sense 2.1 for galaxy ace

Greetings me robin

How to install

Use cwm5

First go to mounst and storage

And format system
Format data

Then wipe data/factory rest

wipe cache

Wipe dalvik cache

Mounts and storage

format system

format data

Install zip from sd card

And choose sense 2.1

then u will need to wait

After u see lockscreen u need to unlock

Then u will see htc with white screen

U need to wait approx 2/5 minutes

Then u will see launcher or u see the google login stuff

Just press next

Then its installed
Download link -- Download Link BETA 4

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