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[ROM] StockLite v6.0

[Major Update-18/3/2012][ROM] StockLite v6.0

1) This is not Team Adreno Ace's ROM. This is my own ROM. Please post all bug reports and enquiries here, not on Team Adreno Ace's Facebook page.

2) All those developers who took my permission to use this ROM as a base ROM, please PM me again. I need to discuss something important. You are not allowed use this ROM as base until you PM me and take my permission.

Major Update (18/3/2012)- See changelog for more information

Here's a Stock light-weight ROM targeted at those users who love speed and stablity.

DOWNLOAD v6 - Make sure you backup all your data before flashing. After flashing, you'll lose all your data.

Procedure -

1) Download this file and place it in your sd card.
2) Make sure you have ClockWorkMod recovery 5 (or any other recovery based on CWM5 such as PX Recovery) installed and your device is rooted. Download CWM 5 from here -
3) Switch off your phone.
4) Boot into recovery mode by pressing home+power button simultaneously.
5) Wipe Data, Wipe Cache
6) Select 'install zip from sd card' and then select 'choose zip from sd card'
7) Navigate to the downloaded file and select it
8) Wait
9) Reboot
10) First boot will take a lot of time, around 5-7 mins or maybe more. Please be patient and do not think that your ace is bricked.

IMPORTANT - No need to flash stock ROM via ODIN to flash this ROM. You can flash this ROM directly. You wont face any problems even if you flash this on a custom ROM.

Features -

1) Based on latest stock DDKQ8 2.3.6 (India) - (you dont need to have an Indian baseband to flash this. You can flash this on any baseband. It will work like a charm)
2) Very fast and ultra-stable
3) Awesome battery life
4) Deodexed
5) CF-root b83 applied including overclock kernel (You can manually install CF-Root b84 if you wish. You wont face any problems)
6) DarkTremor apps2sd support
7) Screenshot functionality- take screenshots by pressing Home+Power button simultaneously.
8) Zip-aligned
9) 60-65 MB free in system/app. That technically gives you more internal memory.
10) ROM's download size is just 89MB (approx.)

This ROM is meant for performance and speed. Its just stock ROM with nothing modded, I've removed useless apps to make the ROM faster. This ROM has got an extra adrenaline shot

Following apps have been removed to provide more internal space or increase ROM's speed -

1) All useless widgets
2) Live wallpapers
3) Memo (you can install other better memo apps from market if you want)
4) Thinkfree Office
5) Swype (new and better versions available at
6) Samsung apps
7) Email app
8) Protips
9) Unified inbox aka social hub

Gmail, Google Maps, Google search , Voice Search and Youtube app have been removed to decrease ROM size. These apps can downloaded manually from market if needed.

Screenshots of supported Languages (Please dont send me PM's asking me which languages does it support, I am tired of answering such PM's)-

CHANGELOG (v6.0) -

1) Version 6.0 is twice as fast as Version 5.0

2) CRT Animation included. Go to settings -> display -> animations -> tick 'all animations' to enable CRT animation.

3) Fixed XT9 error in Samsung Keyboard

4) DarkTremor apps2sd fixed (Thanks to evilxdeadly)

5) Optimized Google Gears bootanimation for ace's resolution (Thanks to dali47)

6) Init.d support added

7) SlaidFastMOD included

8) Turboboost included

9) Adrenaline Boost v2 included

10) Hacked Hosts file to disable ads

11) Added modified MMS.apk - no MMS auto-convert (Thanks to P4qui7o)

12) Extended Power Menu added

13) Latest version of Google Play 3.5.15 (aka Android market) added

14) Battery life increased. Now battery life is even more than v5.0

CHANGELOG (v5.0) -

1) New base - Latest Indian Firmware - DDKQ8 with new Galaxy NOTE type lockscreen and new incoming call buttons

2) No frills CPU control app added to change CPU frequencies manually

3) DarkTremor Apps2SD included into the ROM.

4) Added back FMradio, Deskclock (aka Alarm clock), GenieWidget (aka News
and Weather app) due to user demand.

5) Stock Touchwiz added back. Wonokairoen's touchwiz removed. You can
install it manually if you like.

6) Transparent status bar replaced with original statusbar.

7) New bootanimation - Droid Razr bootanimation has now been replaced with
simple, sweet "Google Gears" bootanimation.

8) Google Play added (aka new android market 3.4.6)

9) Speed and Battery life has improved a lot. Cant find words to describe 'em. 9 - 11 hours of battery life while continously using wifi, 1.5 to 2 days of battery life on normal usage (tested).

10) Support for BLN control added.

11) ext4 manager app included to manage ext4 partitions.

Lockscreen :-

Call screen :-

Patches -

1) For HTC Beats enhanced audio (with xLoud), download from attachments and flash via CWM.

For HTC Beats Modded Music Player download from attachments and flash via CWM.

2) For 14 toggles mod, download from attachments and flash via CWM.

3) There's a minor bug in the ROM which displays RIGHT to LEFT languages incorrectly. To fix this error, flash this file via CWM - Download Link

Huge THANKS to dali47 for this patch

4) Lockscreen mod - If you dont like the looks of stock lockscreen, dali47 has edited the lockscreen and given it a appealing look. Download lockscreen mod - Download Link (Now supports all languages)

Thanks to dali47 for this mod.

Notice to developers - You can use this ROM as a base ROM, but before using please PM me regarding this.

**Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

PS - If you ask silly questions such as - "Does it have stock samsung keyboard?", then you'll probably never get a reply from me. Read the thread properly.

Credits -
1) Ketut for CF-root
2) dsiXDA for android kitchen
3) jinavs for Google Gears bootanimation
4) raiderx77 for video player
5) skynet28 for CRT animation Tutorial
6) djsky2011 for beats audio port for ace
7) evilxdeadly for DTapps2sd fix
8) dali47 for optimizing bootanimation for ace's resolution.
9) slaid480 for slaid fast mod
10) gadgetcheck for turboboost
11) imbawind for adrenaline boost
12) Google for android
13) Samsung for Galaxy Ace
14) ME for this ROM (LOl, JK) :P

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