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[ROM]LEWA ROM for s5830(offical version)[lewa_rom_cooper_12.03.16]

this rom is based on cm7

install by cwm,before install you have to wipe cache and data

offical version download link(lewa_rom_cooper_12.03.02):
click here

offical version download link(lewa_rom_cooper_12.03.16):
click here

new version of recovery from lewa required for ota for S5830
click here

if you can't use ota, you can download the update zip from my Attachments.

Description of the Update 0315:
fixed: 1.when receive MMS messages, the notification on the status bar flash across.
2.Wap Push message can not be received.
optimized:default folder changed to "System Tools" including settings, the calculator, filemanager , superuser, downloads, security and version update.
optimized:1.Remove the power management settings menu.
2.Change settings and status bar quick switch of the WLAN to WiFi
fixed:Additional storage space in the memory settings,when uninstall the SD card and format the SD card font is partial white.
fixed:1.After you turn off the FM and use clean-up memory, the FM process still has been hanging in the background.
2.When you use fm background,long press home button,there are two icons of fm.
3.Exit the radio,Bluetooth can not be automatically turned off.
【status bar】
optimized: In English mode, the firewall interface name display problem.
optimized:Open File Manager speed optimized,when the capacity and the margin is less than 1G, M is displayed.
fixed:1.Copy of a file to cut to the original file, overwrite the original file, category management should not be in two file name the same file.
2.Select all the files in the SD card folder to delete files, classified management, manage paging of the SD card does not have any files.
3.Document Management tab select the file (folder), did not contain the cancel menu in the bottom of the screen,it should be "sent".
4.Select All to delete all files on the SD card, delete automatically stop after the half, returned on the interface.
5.Copy any files to the SD card management,it will become the folder from the category management.
【music player】
fixed: 1.Playlist interface, open the USB mode, add a song, remove the USB, and then return to the playlist interface overlap problem.
2.Custom effects, various specific gravity values ​​to adjust the minimum, the playback will be a sudden voice change problem.
3.When the singer picture is not successfully downloaded, the local default background.
optimized:no songs, no friendly and prompt to enter the music player.
new:Ignore the screen backlight timeout annotated description of this feature.
optimized:Update Google Apps package.
fixed:1.List of applications, the application needs to be updated, click the update will install the old version on the SD card.
2.From convenience stores Download Gtalk, Gtalk has FC problem.
3.Application download interface application status can not be updated in a timely manner.
【version update】
fixed:Online update, you can not install the downloaded upgrade package from the SD card.
new:Friendly and prompt to open the virtual memory.
【block settings】
new:The interception setting switch.
optimized:Memory, code refactor.

Go to recovery, find the option "mount and storage" and mount /system. It should change to "unmount /system" then you're good. flash gapps

CM7 Calendar
click here
Instal as a normal apk and reboot

click here

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