Sunday, March 25, 2012

MIUI4 2.3.16[beta5][Updated 21-3-12]

[ROM][TeamCooper] MIUI4 2.3.16[beta5][Updated 21-3-12]

Its Team Cooper project

If you are in mood of trolling be away from the thread

Its based on maclaws build so dont misunderstand


Whole team cooper
Maclaw and his team
Btw maclaw also in team cooper now
Lpfinch for helping in many ways
0xD34D for beta2 as based on his rom

Camera not working
and 3pin headphone also not working,but stock one working fine

Download link
MIUI Beta 5
no need wipe if you are using MIUI beta4
For usb file transfer to pc install app attached at end of post

and wifi fix by maclaw

How to install
go in cwm5
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
First boot taking lots time so wait
and after boot reboot twice for smooth experience and use set cpu or like that app for oc

Maclaw's beta5
so flicker is completely gone and good battery life
no camera working so dont ask again and again
Only english and chinese language available
2pin jack working so stock headphone working very well but 3 pin jack nots working

MIUI 2.3.9
Maclaw's beta4
English and chinese only

now you can apply hdpi lock themes(90% hdpi lock themes working)
If you can not unlock phone by some lock themes just press back+volume up button to unlock then change themes

mdpi converted themes will not look good so dont use it

Beta 3.1
MIUI 2.2.24
Multitask improved
Theme apply fix(no need to make theme folder in data/system/ for theme apply)
less flicker
Recovery options included

MIUI 2.2.17
Many languages supported
maclaws beta3 base

Beta-3 date 26-2-12
Maclaw's beta3
Miui 2.2.24
only english and chinese languages supported

updated to miui 2.2.17
maclaw's beta2
fixed some fc issues
credit for base version

Updated to miui 2.2.10
maclaw's beta1
solved mic issue so now we can make calls

First boot
miui 2.2.3
Mic not working so only for testing hows miui

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